August 13, 2013

Recent passage of anti-gay laws in Russia

August 13th, 2013

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A high number of members of the dog lovers community has reported to the FCI offices to have been deeply shaken by the recent passage of anti-gay laws in Russia and by their enforcement during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The FCI General Committee regretfully learned that these laws created large discussions on a very broad scale all over the World.

The FCI General Committee would like to express its deep concern about this situation and about the way it will affect the future of the canine world in Russia.

Moreover, we want to firmly reaffirm the FCI’s identification with the Olympic values:

  • excellence: to do one’s best
  • friendship: women and men at the heart of the bridging between people, standing together to build a peaceful world
  • respect: for oneself, for others

More than hundred-year-old FCI has been supporting the well-being of all dogs worldwide, in a family spirit with its now 87 members (i.e. 87 countries), taking responsibility for safeguarding canine health and international dog activities to enhance the relations between dogs and humans.

Dogs are inspiring and teach us a lot, but right now let’s focus on this: they do not discriminate. They always love us and accept us AS WE ARE.

The FCI General Committee and - as far as we know - dog owners, exhibitors, breeders and handlers, we all strive to organise and participate in events in a world where we would be treated like dogs treat us, without any discrimination. This has been, is and will be one of our supreme mottos.

The FCI General Committee