October 23, 2020

Launch of the FCI Committee for Dog Welfare and Health

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Dear FCI Members and Contract Partners,
Dear all,

The FCI is happy to announce the launch of the FCI Committee for Dog Welfare and Health.

The main aims of the newly established working group are:

  • to spread scientific knowledge and put it into practice for the sake of dogs worldwide and

  • to help the work of the breeders, breed clubs and national canine organisations by covering all aspects and issues of dog welfare and health.

In order to reach its goals and a wider audience, the FCI will use all its communication and educational tools.

Dog welfare and health are current issues in many countries, often generating further problems, conflicts and even bad reputation for pedigree dog breeding.

The FCI attempts to supply proper and useful material for all its Members and Contract Partners.

The FCI warmly welcomes the representatives of its Cooperating Partner, Royal Canin, and of Four Paws, a major global animal welfare organisation, onboard of this ambitious international collaboration!

The Working Group is chaired by Dr Jose Luis Payró (Mexico), Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, President of the FCI Americas & Caribbean Section and member of the FCI General Committee.

The international panel of the Committee (in alphabetic order) was assigned by the FCI General Committee:

*   Ekaterina Domogatskaya (Russia) – Head of RKF International Department, RKF Executive Editor of “Responsible Breeding Online”, breeder
*   Axel Dubois (France) – representative of Royal Canin and their Educational Programme with the FCI called “PROactive”
*   Dr Ernesto Larre (Spain) – representative of Royal Canin and their Educational Programme with the FCI called “PROactive”
*   Dr Niksa Lemo (Croatia) - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, tenured university professor and board-certified veterinary dermatologist, breeder
*   Dr Raymundo Lo (Philippines) – Doctor, breeder
*   Dr Mauricio Martínez (Mexico) – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, professor of pathology and immunology
*   Sarah Ross (Germany) – representative of Four Paws, animal welfare organisation
*   Dr Claudio Rossi (Brazil) – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, breeder
*   Wenche Skogli (Norway) – initiator and member of the Norwegian Kennel Club Brachycephalic Council, breeder
*   Attila Márton (Hungary/United Kingdom) – FCI Public Relations consultant, journalist and blogger on dog welfare and protection

Please also visit the  Dog Health Section on our website!