December 9, 2014

International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD)

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After giving it deep consideration, the FCI General Committee finally decided to be an active part of an important project, namely the creation of the international non-profit making organisation called “International Partnership for Dogs” (IPFD) whose role will be to create and keep updated an extensive website called DogWellNet.

DogWellNet will be a source of information related mostly to dog health and dog ownership, providing, among other points, important details and data about dog breeds and canine breeding.

For decades, the FCI has been a pioneer in ensuring and promoting healthy dogs and breeding.  The decision to embark on this project took time and efforts but the FCI General Committee is proud and enthusiast to have joined the IPFD team and we look forward to a fruitful cooperation for the benefit of dogs worldwide.

Rafael de Santiago, FCI President

December 2014