FCI International Championship

In order to be eligible for the title of FCI International Champion, a dog must:

1) belong to a breed recognised on a definitive basis by the FCI according to the FCI Breeds Nomenclature.

2) be registered in a studbook recognized by the FCI (i.e. registrations in an appendix to the studbook are not valid)

3) be pure-bred. A dog is considered to be pure-bred when its pedigree includes a minimum of 3 complete generations (14 dogs) registered in FCI recognised studbooks or appendices to the studbooks (FCI General Committee, Milan, June 2015), i.e. dog’s name, initials of the FCI recognised studbook/appendix to the Studbook + registration number.

In addition, the conditions for the awarding of the different certificates (CACIB, CACIT, CACITR, CACIL, CACIAG et CACIOB) as described in the different FCI international regulations and the other requirements included in the Regulations for the international Championship hereunder have to be respected.


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