FCI Herding Dogs Commission


  • The Herding Dogs Commission is one of the FCI non-mandatory commissions. The role of the commission is to represent the activities of the Herding Dogs and make sure that they are correctly carried out.
  • The Herding Dogs Commission is made up of delegates from countries which are members of the FCI and want to have a representative in this commission. National Canine Organisations which are interested can apply on the occasion of the FCI General Assembly or to the FCI General Secretariat.
  • To become effective, all decisions made in the commission have to be approved by the FCI General Committee.
  • The Herding Dogs Commission is led by a president, a vice-president and a secretary, chosen by the delegates of the commission. The election to these positions are held every two years.

Manifesto (Helsinki, 16 June 2018)

1. Despite all modern developments in technology, farmers and shepherds still depend on their dogs to perform their daily work on sheep, cattle, ducks and other flock animals.

2. Dogs must be well trained and educated for their task.

3. Trials have been proven to be a good instrument, even the only instrument, to test if shepherd dogs adopt a good attitude and are well trained for their job.

4. Trials have been proven to be a good instrument for selective breeding based on instinct and working capacities, which are necessary in order to produce a gene pool of good working shepherd dogs.

5. Trials can only be useful if they reflect the aspects of daily work of flock dogs.

6. The FCI Commission for Herding dogs aspires to promote the organisation of trials, which reflect the tasks of daily work with shepherd dogs, in order to preserve these qualities in all shepherd dog breeds.


Useful national links

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