18 mars 2022

Solidarity with Ukraine (follow up)

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Dear FCI Members and Contract Partners
Dear Ukrainian breeders

We refer to our previous communication dated March 9 2022 regarding the FCI Account “Solidarity with Ukraine”.  

This message is intended for:

  1. FCI Members and Contract Partners from countries where Ukrainian dogs were rehomed;
  2. Ukrainian breeders/dog owners who had to flee Ukraine together with their dogs;
  3. People who accepted to rehome Ukrainian dogs (without their owners).

If you belong to one of the above b. and c. category, we please ask you to get in touch with the national canine organisation of your rehoming country (FCI member or Contract Partner) in order to request FCI help.

The FCI Members and Contract Partners are then requested to turn to the FCI to

  1. validate the request made by the individual persons;
  2. describe the situation and the help needed/requested.

The FCI will then examine the request attentively and professionally and decide to allocate funds or not. 

Please be aware that fund transfers for beneficiaries cannot exceed 5.000 € each. Depending on the circumstances the money can be transferred to the account of the individual person or to the FCI Member/Contract Partner having validated the request.

The FCI is ready and willing to help ! Let us make solidarity express itself !

On behalf of the FCI General Committee


Y. De Clercq
FCI Executive Director