Commission d'Elevage de la FCI

The Breeding Commission is one of the FCI non-mandatory commissions.

The role of this commission is to represent the breeding activities under the umbrella of the FCI.

The Breeding Commission is made up of delegates from countries (i.e. National Canine Organisations  - NCOs) that are members of the FCI and want to have a representative in this commission.
NCOs that are interested can nominate one (1) Commission Member on the occasion of the FCI General Assembly. 

To become effective, all decisions made by the commission have to be approved by the FCI General Committee.

The Breeding Commission is led by a President, a Vice-President and a Secretary, chosen by the delegates of the commission. The election to these positions are held every two years (after the General Assembly)

At the general meeting of the Breeding Commission held on February 24, 2024, in Madrid, the following delegates were elected to the praesidium of the commission.

Nikola Smolic (Croatia) Anna Morgan (Spain) Viera Staviarska (Slovakia)
President Vice-President Secretary








If you wish to communicate with a representative of a country/NCO, we invite you to contact the secretariat of the respective country/NCO directly to obtain the necessary contact information. 


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