July 1, 2014

Open letter from the President of the FCI addressing the multiple CAC Shows situation

The FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) being officially informed of events where the decision of the General Assembly held in Budapest 2013, related to multiple CAC's Shows, is not followed by different countries, has decided to open an investigation concerning the countries that are not presently following the rules in ITS coming meeting of the Executive Committee to be held in Lisbon in July 2014.

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It must be made clear that the FCI maintains its former position against these kinds of events and has nothing to do with the unethical practice of selling Championship Diploma Certificates obtained in such events. We have been notified by some Board Members scheduled to judge, (Carla Molinari, Rafael de Santiago, Tamas Jakkel, Miguel Angel Martínez and Dinky Santos), that their participation was cancelled as soon as they were aware that possible irregularities were taking place at those events.

This circular, which is not an FCI official document, contains DEFAMATORY information and will also be subject to careful scrutiny by the Executive and General Committee of the FCI.

The FCI will investigate and present a full report to the General Committee to determine actions to be taken against NCO'S that do not follow FCI's regulations.

Rafael de Santiago
FCI President

San Juan, Puerto Rico