May 11, 2013


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The FCI General Committee and the Kennel Club are delighted to announce that an agreement regarding the mutual recognition of Kennel Club and FCI judges has been reached following several months of detailed discussions.
This agreement is considered to be a major step forward which will enable judges from both organisations to bring their experience and expertise to the benefit of all the countries involved, and of course to the benefit of dogs.

The agreement was signed by the FCI and the Kennel Club mid May in Budapest, Hungary.

Hans Müller, FCI President, said: "this has been a topic for years, it has been on the agenda of various commissions and General Committee’s meetings. We are very glad that a good, positive and realistic agreement could be found although we are aware of the huge work that has to be done to finalise the details before the agreement is enforced. Many warm thanks to our FCI representatives and to the Kennel Club for their positive and open approach that made it possible to reach this agreement".

The agreement is attached.

Y. De Clercq 
FCI Executive Director