9. März 2022

Solidarity with Ukraine


With reference to our previous communication dated 01/03/2022 we are happy to inform you about the special bank account opened by the FCI to collect funds and donations to help Ukrainian breeders and their dogs, either living in Ukraine or having had to flee to other countries to save their and their dogs life.

Any amount and donation will be welcome and will be used entirely and solely for the above purpose, in full transparency.

Details of the account:

FCI – Solidarity with Ukraine

IBAN BE67 7320 6383 9387
Account number: 732-0638393-87

Avenue Albert 1er, 60
5000  - NAMUR

Thank you all for your support and sense of solidarity with the Ukrainian people!

The FCI General Committee members:

Dr T.Jakkel, FCI President
G.Jipping, FCI Vice-President
B.Müller, FCI Treasurer
R.de Santiago
J.Hindse, President of the FCI Europe Section
JL.Payro, President of the FCI Americas and Carribbean Section
D.Santos, President of the FCI Asia, Africa and Oceania Section

Y. De Clercq, FCI Executive Director