8 de noviembre de 2021

THE FCI PODCAST (4): Inside the FCI: The Section Presidents


There has always been a fair amount of assumptions made about the largest global organisation for Pedigree Dogs, so this series of the FCI Podcast Channel titled “Inside the FCI” aims to shed light and dispel assumptions about this international organisation that stands for Pedigree Dogs Worldwide!

Comprising of ninety nine member countries globally, the FCI is the largest global organisation for Pedigree Dogs. These members are geographically divided into three distinct sections, namely the FCI Europe Section, the FCI Asia, Africa & Oceania Section and the FCI Americas & Caribbean Section.

In this episode Gopi Krishnan speaks to the three Section Presidents, to find out more about how the Sections work, the role of Sections and Section Presidents and how all the Sections fit into the greater plans of this extensive and colourful, global family of pedigree dog lovers. 

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