3 de marzo de 2022

FCI PODCAST (16): FCI World Dog Show 2020 & 2022



The FCI World Dog Show is the most coveted show by FCI members, as it truly represents THE most important show in the FCI global calendar. A show that is bid for by Members wanting to host it and then voted for at the FCI General Assembly by seventy-five voting full Members of the FCI

The organisation that goes into such a huge event is years in the planning, which is usually done at least five years in advance.

With only one FCI World Dog Show a year, this year however sees for the first time in FCI history, two World Dog Shows hosted six months apart on two different continents – Europe and South America. The 2022 WDS was meant to take place in Brazil, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic the twice postponed 2020 FCI-WDS in Spain was graciously allowed to go ahead in 2022, the same year as the show in Brazil.

In this episode, Gopi Krishnan speaks with the presidents of both, the RSCE, Jose Doval and CBKC, Fabio Amorim to get their insights into what all the exhibitors, breeders and pedigree dog loving public can expect at both shows.  


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