2 de junio de 2020

Brachycephalic breeds' health: agreement between the Kennel Club (UK) and the FCI



Dear FCI Members and Contract Partners


The Kennel Club is delighted that the FCI supports the Kennel Club/University of Cambridge Respiratory Function Grading Scheme and, following discussions between Tony Allcock, OBE Kennel Club Executive Chairman, and Dr. Tamás Jakkel, FCI President, there is agreement for a united approach in promoting the Scheme for Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and Pugs.

Following this agreement, the Kennel Club invites all FCI Members and Contract Partners to contact the organisation’s health team for further discussion on licensing the Scheme for use in their countries.

The Kennel Club and the University of Cambridge Veterinary School are committed to improving breed health, and sharing knowledge by offering access to the Respiratory Function Grading Scheme worldwide, including to FCI-affiliated Kennel Clubs, and believe an international, collaborative and evidence-based approach will help improve the health of BOAS-affected dogs globally.

The FCI is certain that by working together with the Kennel Club, and taking an international approach via the Respiratory Function Grading Scheme, we can improve and protect brachycephalic breeds' health.



Tony Allcock Dr. Tamás Jakkel
OBE Kennel Club Executive Chairman FCI President