28 de junio de 2018

97th International Dog Show in Luxemburg : FCI Statement



Dear Dog Lovers' Community

We have all been surprised by the cancellation of the 97th Luxemburg international dog show.  Concerned by this cancellation, the FCI has investigated with its long-standing member, the Fédération Cynologique Luxembourgeoise (FCL), in order to find out the reasons for such a drastic measure.

As we all know, serious incidents took place on the occasion of the last editions of the event and this led the Luxemburg Ministry to adopt this strong position.  Unfortunately, we have to make a sad and unfortunate observation: these incidents were due to the irrational actions of a very tiny minority  of exhibitors who left their dogs locked in the cars in heavy climatic conditions.  We all know the consequences of this unacceptable behavior.

The FCI reiterates that the dog welfare is of utmost priority, before, during and after the shows.  In addition, the FCI show regulations particularly insist on different aspects related to dog welfare at shows :


The dogs’ welfare and health must be of UTMOST PRIORITY at all dog shows.

The organisers are requested to add the following message in the show catalogue, giving it sufficient visibility: The exhibitors are responsible for the welfare of the dogs at a FCI international dog show. It is forbidden to expose a dog to a situation that can be dangerous for its health and welfare, such as  for example leaving it in the car in excessively hot or cold weather and/or treating it in a cruel manner. Violation of this ruling will result in exclusion from the ongoing and future dog shows

We feel sorry for our Luxemburg friends who are punished because of the misbehavior of a very tiny handful of individuals.  However, we want to emphasize that dog shows play a crucial role in our Dog Lovers’ Community: they are THE place where the healthiest dogs, that are the closest to their breed standards, are selected.  This is absolutely essential to enable our breeders to produce the best possible animals and make sure to preserve healthy breeds.  What’s even more important, it gives the breeders a real chance to protect the breeds and make sure they can efficiently perform the tasks for which they were created : guarding, herding, hunting, therapy or drug detection just to name a few examples of the many roles a dog can play in our society.

Our message is a sincere and serious call to all people involved in dog shows: please keep in mind that the priority number one at dog shows IS the/your dog(s).  We thought it was obvious but these unfortunate incidents are there to remind us that it’s not that clear to all.  Your dog is a member of your family.  Treat him/her as such!  Dog shows are and must remain a celebration of our beloved dogs, please remember that at all times !!

In the light of the above, the FCI General Committee has decided to temporarily withdraw the permission to the FCL to award the CACIB at their events until the requirements to organize future dog shows have been clearly identified with the demands of the Luxemburg Government.

The FCI will be particularly attentive in the future to secure the safety of all the dogs at the events organized by its members and contract partners and will not hesitate to act should similar disastrous events occur again. 

On behalf of the FCI General Committee



Rafael de Santiago
FCI President