November 24, 2021

THE FCI PODCAST (6): Inside the FCI: The FCI Standards Commission

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In this episode, Gopi Krishnan speaks with Jorge Nallem, the President of the FCI Standards Commission, who do the critical role of ensuring that the Breed Standards (the Blueprint) of the nearly 400 breeds of dogs that the FCI recognises, comply with the ideals and aims of the FCI in their promotion of pedigree dogs.

There has always been a fair amount of assumptions made about the largest global organisation for Pedigree Dogs, so this series of the FCI Podcast Channel titled “Inside the FCI” aims to shed light and dispel assumptions about this international organisation that stands For Pedigree Dogs Worldwide!

Comprising ninety-nine member countries globally, the FCI is the largest global organisation for Pedigree Dogs covering almost every area of interest with dogs from conformation dog shows to dog sports and hunting trials. But to keep such a large organisation working effectively will take a mountain of people involved in each area of specialist interest. In the FCI, these committees or groups are known as FCI Commissions. They comprise volunteers from that particular area or expertise or field who dedicate their time and efforts to ensuring that their respective areas of interest are served with the sole aim being for the benefit of pedigree dogs.


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