3 mars 2016

In memoriam Hans Lehtinen

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The FCI General Committee was truly sorry to hear of the loss of Mr Hans Lehtinen. He was a great and appreciated person and a most valuable judge.  He was a real asset to Finnish cynology and to the world of pure-bred dogs!

The well-known Finnish all round judge and Honorary Member of the Finnish Kennel Club, Mr Hans Lehtinen passed away on Tuesday the 1st of March due to a serious illness. He was a very respected judge all over the world and was known for his phenomenal eye for dogs. He judged around the globe and at many of the most important shows like the FCI World Dog Show and FCI Section Shows as well as Crufts, the Royal Shows in Australia and shows like Santa Barbara in USA. He judged the Best In Show at the FCI World Dog Show 2014 in Helsinki, Finland. Mr Lehtinen was a mentor for many new judges as well as for numerous judges learning new breeds. He was a member of different committees of the Finnish Kennel Club and had positions in several breed clubs and associations. His contribution to the dog sport in Finland and abroad has been immense and he will be greatly missed by many dog enthusiasts around the world.


Rafael de Santiago
FCI President