Breed-specific education

Dear (future) owner,
Dear (future) breeder,
Dear (future) judge or candidate-judge,

You can find in this subsection PowerPoint presentations    of FCI breeds recognized on a definitive or provisional basis that have been prepared by the national canine organisation (member of the FCI) of the country of origin of the breed. They are based on a model (in English only) drafted by the FCI Show Judges Commission and approved by the FCI General Committee.

Vidéos     are sometimes also available.

The aim is twofold: to familiarize and educate the (future) judges and breeders but also to promote the breeds among the public.

For your information only the breeds for which a presentation has been provided so far for are listed in the groups below.  You can also view a comprehensive list of all breeds for which a presentation is available under All groups (alphabetical list) below.

Breeds recognised on a definitive basis

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Breeds recognised on a provisonal basis