FCI Herding Dogs Commission


  • The Herding Dogs Commission is one of the FCI non-mandatory commissions. The role of the commission is to represent the activities of the Herding Dogs and make sure that they are correctly carried out.
  • The Herding Dogs Commission is made up of delegates from countries which are members of the FCI and want to have a representative in this commission. National Canine Organisations which are interested can apply on the occasion of the FCI General Assembly or to the FCI General Secretariat.
  • To become effective, all decisions made in the commission have to be approved by the FCI General Committee.
  • The Herding Dogs Commission is led by a president, a vice-president and a secretary, chosen by the delegates of the commission. The election to these positions are held every two years.

Useful national links

Czech Republic https://paseni.kjcr.cz/
Finland http://paimennuskollegio.weebly.com/
Hungary http://dogheart.hu/TBT/index.htm
Italy http://www.clbdog.com/
Poland http://www.zkwp-szkolenia.pl/index.php/psy-pasterskie 
Switzerland http://www.club-suisse-chiens-continentaux-au-troupeau.ch/

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